Epson 3880 ... stuck! Skin tone issues....

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Re: Epson 3880 ... stuck! Skin tone issues....

jtoolman wrote:

______RedLIne______ wrote:

Hi friends

Looking all over the internet for a hint to solve my issue

description of my setup and workflow...

MacPro + Radeon 5870. Apple Cinema display,27 Calibrated with SpyderElite 4, 90cd/m2 ,workspace almost dark. CS6.

Epson 3880, calibrated (biggest 789 color target) by SpyderPrint.

Shoot Canon5DmkIII, Raw, ACR to Photoshop 16 bits,AdobeRGB,

Make my edit to that aRGB color space.

My softproofing look awesome (no out of Gamut coler and i softproof using Relative colorimetric,black point, and "Custom" printer profile (my profile for the printer was made using that ink and my PremiumUltraPhotoGlossy Epson paper)

when i am ready to print , --> File-Print then i select "photoshot manage color, then i make sure all color management from the epson 3880 is off... i chose "the printer profile " and the preview look awesome....

(BTW i do not convert or assign any new profile prior printing ,so my file is and stay in aRGB color space)

i test on 4 by 6 prior big print and ,at last , my issue is:

The Print is not that off but the skin tone lack life , lack magenta/red and my Female model look kinda/a little dead...

the blond hair lack some (but not that much) saturation and the deep blond look faded...

i wonder is my Datacolor KIT/bundle (500$) can be the culprit even if it got good reviews...

i dont know what i can do to help myself

so if you can chip in ... you know... ill be more than happy!

thanks anyways

Why are you using aRGB? I would use at least sRGB or larger color space. My PS setrtings are set to PRO Photo for editing.

aRGB is a bigger color Space than sRGB...  but will use ProPhoto RGB for new shoot session....

I print on a PC through either PS / LR or Qimage and get gorgeous color and quality practically matchin my screen.

I use teh X-Rite Colormunki and calibrate screen and produce custom profiles for my papers and inks. Results as predictable every time.

hope to do the same using DataColor


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