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My take on the products from Corel...

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I agree, I was curious about ASP and downloaded a trial version. Wasn't impressed with it crashing after only 10 min of light use. Uninstalled it after that.

Was that on Windows?

It seems very solid on Linux. Haven't tried Mac yet.

Now, the latest version (just released a few days ago) does do things like make use of GPU acceleration via OpenCL. So, that could potentially cause issues.

I tried it few weeks ago so that was not the problem.

Yes they crash, until you install the service packs or updates. After that quite stable. I really think Corel is better. I have only tried full versions of Adobe photoshop that I got a serial number off the internet. I do this from time to time to test the products out and I did it a lot for earlier versions of Photoshop up to CS5. Now I have no copy's of it on my system because I don't use it because.. A it is not a great product in my mind and B it is expensive.

The downside to not having it is that many of the meetup photography groups and local photography clubs use it excursively and there are free classes on it by some people who are quite good at it. So I don't get involved in those and get to learn. Over the years I have owned two version Adobe Elements 6 which came free with a printer and Adobe elements 10 which came with a video card. I very rarely use them.

So I use instead Corel Aftershot pro, Paintshop Pro Ultimate, Corel Draw X5. Very stable work well, like the flow of the products. The downside is, they are slower update the products for new camera raw for new cameras, but not that much longer. The prices are much less expensive so my expectations of how fast they update the product, fix bugs. But they are high value at a low price. I don't work for Corel, it is just a product that I can afford that allows me to purchase new lenses or camera bodies, or musical equipment or motorcycles or any hobby that I am in.

I like they have great presets for instant gratification and you can dive in deep and do the same things as Photoshop, but for a lot less money. I own all the software (or free bundled with other products) on my systems, no cracked versions because I believe in supporting people who create good software at a good price. Corel does this and I would recommend them to anyone. I would also say, if you want the best and want to pay for it Adobe photoshop, but even Corel has features that Adobe does not. So there you have it, good luck.

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