So I'm buying an a57 whether I "need" it or not. What bag and accessories do I need?

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Re: So I'm buying an a57 whether I "need" it or not. What bag and accessories do I need?

TomoJon wrote:

Ah sorry, let me see. I do figurine photography and marketing of mostly anime related figures that stand 18-22 centimeters tall. However I also take photos of my sisters costumes and help her try to advertise stuff she makes, if nothing else but to give her creations a little exposure.

I guess the key thing that I am after is getting a camera that will help me take all the pictures that I am after, including doing little close in zoom ups of things that are only a couple of milimeters wide. Like showing the finish on fingernails and toenails of said anime figures. Good zoom ins on eyes and faces without blur.

Still I have also thought about doing some outdoors photography. I'm blind in one eye and can't see too good out of the other, but photos from cameras look better to me than what I have seen with my own eyes, so I was thinking I could go out, photograph things, then take the photos back and study them, to figure out what the world really looks like ya know? it seems pretty exciting to me.

My own hobbiest background at this point includes, Computer Repair, Figurine Collecting, and Home Theatre. I think that Photography would be a good natural extension of all that. I have a trusty little Panasonic ZS5 point and shoot which I have learned a lot on, looking to move up from it.

Oh by the way I do agree that the book you linked is the book to get as well as the camera, if nothing else for general learning purposes.

Also you mention a shoulder strap or neck strap etc. Does the camera come with one? What is a good one to buy?

For shooting figurines, it will be very helpful to get the lighting under control. Someone suggested a light box, which makes sense. You also might want to consider an LED ring light. Amazon has a several are reasonable prices, last I looked.

The 18-135 focuses reasonably close for an all-purpose lens. I have the 35mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.8, but if I could only have one of them, especially for figurines, I would go with the 35, as I believe it may focus in a bit more closely. You might also consider a good multi-element close-up filter (e.g., Raynox, et al).

A tripod is great, as long as it is one that you can operate easily enough that you do not dread having to use it. You might consider a small table-top tripod or similar support for your figurine photography.

Finally, put some thought into a good workflow, from exposure to "final product," including archiving, tagging/labeling/etc. Also, put aside some time to work on some figurines with all sorts of settings, and zero in on what works the best for your needs. The A57 carries a lot of horsepower under the hood. It can be an imposing point-and-shoot if you want it to be, but it will also reward the thoughtful user who adopts a more in-depth approach.

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