7D packaged deal - Too good to be true?

Started Dec 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Kevin G. Veteran Member • Posts: 3,218
Re: 7D packaged deal - Too good to be true?


I have purchased a camera (only) on eBay and have had very good luck, no problems.  I did purchase from a power seller - in fact I think the seller was really the eBay account for Beach Camera, which I have dealt with too.

As far as the package goes, well you can buy those two Canon lenses for about $300 new on Amazon.  I would NOT be impressed with all the additional stuff they are offering like filters and 2 tripods.  They are probably junk, and some of the stuff I wouldn't want.  But that's me.  For me I would probably only buy the body, or maybe the body and lens - at least that would be easier to compare prices, but don't be too impressed by all the additional stuff they're including.   They are not losing money.



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