Samsung EX2/EX2F - picture quality

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Re: Samsung EX2/EX2F - picture quality

viking79 wrote:

They didn't seem too excited about the EX2, but don't know why, maybe just personal preference.

Well, seems to me they were pretty clear about what they disliked - the same weird, quirky software that we all know and love with the EX-1. I mean, with some of the people here having gone to heroic lengths to figure out how to unlock the camera's full potential there is a reasonable body of knowledge here among the forum initiates, but Sammy really should have cleaned up their interface act. The EX2 seems to have caught the NX2* disease with humongous RAWs too - 30MB for a 12 mp file? Not cool. Personally, I'll add that I've yet to see a small CMOS sensor that can rival small CCD sensors in low iso quality, which makes me a bit leery of the EX2.

I do think they gave the fully articulate screen - a huge bonus of the EX1 and EX2 - short shift. This is precisely the sort of camera that benefits most from it. But they certainly nailed the problems.

Anyway, as a EX1 fan, I too would be very interested in seeing what the people - like Ysarex - who've made the transition feel and, if possible, to see some comparison shots. I would particularly like to see a ISO 100 comparison of an image with lots of detail in the whole frame - a close up of foliage, perhaps? - so we can have a good look at the edges and corners.

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