6d ORIGINAL battery - verify sellers claim

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Re: 6d ORIGINAL battery - verify sellers claim

SLLDPR wrote:

The seller of the battery is correct. I bought a non-Canon battery for my 6D. First, the Canon battery charger's amber LED kept blinking, long after it would be expected to display a green LED, signifying a full charge. Second, the 6D displayed the "could not communicate with the battery" message. The vender of the battery acknowledged that their battery doesn't work fully and properly with the 6D and that they introduce a new version of the battery in 2013.

Though the non-Canon that I bought seems to work properly in my 6D, I returned the battery to the vender and bought a Canon battery, overpriced as it may be.

Some chargers are programmed to go to a low current safe mode if they can’t ID the battery although it’s more like punishment since the better quality chargers are constantly sampling the battery to peak. That might possibly be why you experienced the extended time.


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