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Re: Just a tad bit harsh on the G15 I think

mbv wrote:

Mike604 wrote:

Don't worry about it. You will get called all the names in this digital book like troll, nikon fanboi and Canon fanboi and blah blah blah. LEt them haters hate. Just enjoy your hobby / craft.

Thanks for your support, Mike604!

Just could not resist...

Happy New Year! (And nice pictures!)


Happy New Year To You and Yours as Well!

I am here to learn and being new to photography in general, it seems as though my thoughts and or opinions seem to get thrown to the side due to my low post count. Its doesn't mean a thing. There are some really awesome members on this forum and many not so pleasant. Hey, I ventured in the Coolopix forums trying to decide on the G15 and the P7700 for quite sometime and my use with the P7700 for a few hours, was totally disregarded and that I did not know what I was doing, yet having owned the P7000( which was atrocious). I hope to learn lots from you as well. I'll be asking some pretty stupid questions soon but I don't mind. You can't see me embarrassed in front of my screen! LOL

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