GOP is losing yet another voting bloc.

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Re: GOP is losing yet another voting bloc.

Cane wrote:

carlk wrote:

GOP is losing women, Hispanics (in addition to the 47% victims) but now they are losing the high tech elites too. According to a Mercury news arctical Silicon Valley voters out-voted Obama to Romney at a ratio of more than 3 to 1. Even more surprising is employees at the elite tech companies Apple, HP, Intel, Google and Cisco contributed 85% to Obama campaign verses 15% to Romney's. Many of these people are actually voting for someone who promised to increase their taxes.

What left for the GOP, it seems, is just a bunch of hillbillies voting to defend the fortunes of the very rich.

A software engineer and Obama campaign volunteer said it best. "We all work on evidence based reasoning, and that is much more of a Democratic mindset than a Republican mindset." It's pretty hard to vote for a party that caters to the creationists and climate change denials (aka hillbillies).

LOL, yet this same joker believes it's then pretty easy to cast your vote based on wealth redistribution, big government and abortion? Liberals are so freaking stupid sometimes. Gee, creationism doesn't affect the software engineer yet the idiot just voted to take a pay cut to give his money to the government. Brilliant!

All I was saying is there are many people, and these are some very smart people, who are not as selfish and most importantly understand they are closely tied to the society they are living in. You do what you like and your party will just become irrelevant.

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