Looking for CS6 setup guide for Epson R2880

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Re: Looking for CS6 setup guide for Epson R2880

KG2002 wrote:

I am looking for some setup guides for R2880 to be able to print from Photoshop CS6. I've done monitor calibration, I am using the latest paper profiles from Ilford, setup PS to manage colors rather than Printer and etc.

Is there anything else I need to do? I recall from a few year ago when I did my printing at home on Epson 2000 I use to go into Colour Setting Menu, used to utilize Proof Setup under "View" menu but I can't recall why

I would appreciate if there are any recent guides. Actually, screen calibration tutorials would be good as well. I am using LaCie and Blue Eye. There are way too many settings there.

P.S. Am I right that printing from Aperture is a total waste of time? I did several test prints from the same file and Aperture was way off while PS was close to what I saw on the screen.

I hated trying to print fom PS and have never even tried printing from LR of which I have had fro two years. Qimage makes printing easy. Calibrate your screen. Calibrate your printer with the different papers that you wish to use and easily pick each when you need it to print from Qimage. Setting up papersizes is easy as is putting more tat one image on one sheet at a time at any chosen size or orientation, which I found virtually impossible using PS to print.

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