A99 vs D800

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Re: A99 vs D800

We bought one D800E and it's a superb camera but lives on a tripod nearly all the time. Been using Canon 6D with primes. Two Canon stablised 28 and 24, but much better lens arrived, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 (best lens in the world!). Result - forgot Canon is not stabilised, did not use pod, got unusable images at 1/30th to 1/60th. Not used to that with Sony. Used to perfect images at 1/8th etc.

In-body stabilisation and 100% perfect previewing of exposure, WB, magnified sharpness with primes if wanted - A99 actually delivers the goods better whenever I want to shoot hand-held. With any lens.

Then again we've got a D600 with a 28-300mm Nikon VR permanently fitted, and although the lens is a big compromise for travel use mainly, it's as good as the Sony SS at getting sharp pix on the hoof.

I'd say - if you want the D800, get the E. Then at least you get extra sharp images with more depth of field.


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