Tripod and Head recommendations

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Re: Tripod and Head recommendations
I need a tripod thats as light and compact as possible for landscape and macro photography. I need to be able to mount the camera at all manner of angles and as low as possible to the floor. I think a horizontal arm would help here?

I need to be able to use it on very uneven surfaces such as rocks, and I need it to be rust proof as I often get wet during seascapes. Maybe I need carbon fibre/plastic?

I'd like to be able to make fine adjustments for macro photography and quickly and easily lock and unlock the legs.

Price wise, Im interested in the options to be honest. If it looks like I have to pay alot for what I want, then so be it

I've just made my decision on a tripod: Not quite the same criteria as yours, but I'd recommend looking at Gitzo. They do have an optional arm, they do have models that get low to the ground. The two that are most often recommended are the Mountaineer and the Systematic.

However, they have a new line announced: the Ocean series, specifically designed to withstand saltwater:

I haven't seen any reviews of the latter.

FWIW, I've decided on a Mountaineer: GT2542L

The 4 legs make it fold up smaller; the L makes it taller so I have to stoop less; it is cheaper than the Systematic (which holds more), and it is a good trade-off (for my purposes) between weight and amount it will support.

For ball head, the absolute best appears to be RRS , either BH40 or BH55 depending on the weight of your gear. To me, their tripods are slightly better than Gitzos, but given the cost differential, not sufficiently better to make me spend the additional money. (Especially given that you have to buy direct from them and deal with international deliveries rather than buying domestically.)

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