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Re: A Reality Check, no official word of a hybrid for 4/3

The reality is that Olympus cannot make any money by producing a four thirds only camera.

Look how this forum has shrunk since the E5 was introduced as an indication of the shrinking user base

So the only solution that will get past the bean counters is a hybrid soution.

And as they haven't had the answer to how they could implement this hybrid they have been releasing vague comments in an effort to prevent too many users leaving.

And the longer they spend the harder the business case becomes.

I suspect the remaining user base makes the cost of developing a hybrid uneconomic as well but it would look bad to abandon another lens mount.

Most m43 owners have never owned and never will own a four thirds lens

I see many comments that all they have to do is 'chuck' the Sony sensor in an E5 body but suspect it is not that simple.

Why do pre-production cameras look so bad even though they are frequently just an incremental change to an earlier camera?

I think that a lot of time (and money) is spent fine tuning a modern camera to optimise the output.

So, in my view, it will be a hybrid camera or no new four thirds camera.

I also believe that the solution will involve an adapter similar to the Sony one as it is a relatively cheap (for Olympus) solution that will not impact their main M43 user base as much of the cost will be borne by four thirds users when they purchase the adapter.

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