Epson R3000 Is it that good?

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Re: Epson R3000 Is it that good?

I've only had my R3000 for about a month.  During that time i've set 3 or 4  8 1/2"x11" photo sheets in the top feeder, and they fed fine.  I've also had good luck with 4x6 photo stock and multiple cards and they fed fine.  Well 2 days ago. i put 3 13"x19"  11 mil matt photo paper in the top feeder, and they all got fed simultaneously.  When i checked the advanced paper settings, it was set on .3mm, which is ok i think.  I'm still not sure what went wrong on this operation.

The 3 sheets together caused multiple print head strikes on the sheet that was printing, over an 8" long length.  I wasn't in the same room to cancel the print.  After the messed up print- i did a nozzle check and 4 of the cartridges had plugged up nozzles.  Took 8 cleaning attempts over 8 hours to get the plugged nozzles clean and working as before.  I'm pretty bummed out by this and doubt that i'll print multiple sheets again - its not worth the wasted time.

One nuisance - when i unload the canvas roll, i often get a paper jammed error, when no such paper jam exists.  Requires several button pushing to correct the problem.

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