Does the Leica M(240) Address Your Needs (vs M9)?

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Re: My thoughts on the M240

Bryan Campbell wrote:

I like the increased megapixel count. 18 megapixels on the M9 is still good but 24 megapixels gives you the option to crop a bit more if necessary. Better ISO and dynamic range is huge. I've been told how much improvement there is in the dynamic range and it's very impressive. Expect better dynamic range than either the Canon 5D2, 5D3, or 6D. ISO is certainly a big improvement over the M9. I'm not sure how many stops improvement, but I would guess 2 or 3. My primary concern here is banding. Leica needs to be careful, the ISO 4,000 sample floating around out there looks very impressive IF it didn't have banding, but the entire shot shows it in both the shadows, midrange, and highlights.

Good Morning Bryan!

Yup - focus peaking, shooting secretly from the hip via live-view AND very much looking forward for better high-iso over the M9.

But - as you wrote already - that iso4000 is quite good compared to the M9 which is limited to 2500, useful I would say not more then 1250-1600 but it still looks "bad" compared what has already been possible in the industry 5 (!) years ago as the NIKON D3 for example came out.


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