Strange VR problem with 30-110mm lens

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Re: Strange VR problem with 30-110mm lens

Bill Randall wrote:

Roofvogelaar wrote:

When I turn the camera on, the VR of this nice lens is doing just well. But after about 10 minutes of use, the VR stops working. The camera feels warm, and if I turn the camera of and wait for a few minutes, I can put it on again and it all starts from the beginning...
I have this problem with both the 1-J2 and the V1, so it's not a camera-defect.
I'm not sending it back, but it's strange.

Are you using a tripod? If so, VR should be off.

VR does not start working until the shutter button is pressed half way down. Using my D200, I frame the photo, press the shutter button half way, allow a fraction of a second for VR to lock on, then press the shutter the rest of the way down.

Assuming the V2 lenses have an off button, could you be hitting it by accident?

See page 148 of the manual concerning VR settings: Normal, Active, Off and when to use each. See also the note on panning.

Thanks, but I'm not using a tripod. I also have the 10-30mm VR lens, and then the problem
doesn't occur. By the way, it is a bit strange that 'active' is the default setting in the
camera-menu, because it is the position for shooting from a driving vehicle or something like that.
More strange is that in my opinion 'active' gives the best results in allround use for stills and video's. I'll never use normal. Anyone noticed this?

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