Nex-6 vs Nex-7 anyone own both can comment?

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re: why the TechRadar data (using DXO) are so divergent from the original DXO Mark measurements?

SQLGuy wrote:

Well, the DxO scores are, IIUC, only for raw; but the raw results DxO is showing are still way different from the TechRadar results.

personally I've very little interest in SOOC performance of JPGs - after all what they compare is not how good/bad are respective sensors but rather what JPG engines on N6 & N7 do = in both cases it depends a lot on plethora of settings, which means it is bound to be much more subjective than pure RAWs;

another thing: many here (and elsewhere) advocate comparing N6's files with ​downsampled ​N7, stressing advantages at some - pretty seldom used - crazily high ISOs, however, I'm much, much more interested in the base ISO performance diffs, ​AND advantages in resolution ​from N7 - so to me a proper comparison would be to have graphs of N7 ​vs. ​upsampled files ​from N6. It is pretty puzzling to observe that quite many reviewers nod their agreement for the crippling downsample comparisons !!


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