Recommend MF lens adapters

Started Dec 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Recommend MF lens adapters

i've been using a kiwi photo m42-v1 dumb adapter and it works like a charm. old mir-1v's helios 44's, takumars, jupiters, etc, they'll all work.

it only works in manual mode, but it works in still and video manual mode.

as Paul said, as long as you can focus manually and meter seperately then you'll be fine.

and since you're shooting birds all you'll need to do is take test shots to meter every now and again, and the silent electronic shutter should help you do that without scaring anything away.

not that you would anyway since with a 200mm you'll be so far away you could let off a symphony of farts without the fauna hearing.

happy hunting!

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