Adobe alternatives?

Started Oct 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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GIMP is highly usable

I strongly prefer GIMP to Photoshop because GIMP starts up faster, has better JPEG encodings, runs on Linux, and is not limited to 2 (virtual) machines per license. GIMP has several unusual features such as NL filter and JPEG Q-detect.

Earlier in the thread somebody complained about slow speed of PaintShopPro, but GIMP is definitely not slow. It is true, GIMP lacks 16-bit per color channel, but most other criticisms of it are off-target or plain wrong.

Mikeobe wrote:

A tad late to the party but I haven't seen anyone mention GIMP, Open source program that has many of the same features as PS and it's free! Now, I don't think it has a system like Bridge or Lightroom? I may be mistaken on this, just don't know?

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