Here's how the libs and foreigners minds work in here...

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Re: Here's how the libs and foreigners minds work in here...

Cane wrote:

After hurricane, make global warming thread, after shooting, make anti-gun thread, after Islamic incident, make Christian thread, after corporation news, make socialist thread. The creativity in this worthless forum knows no bounds.

Nature of discussion, trying to figure out if anything is related and what to do about it. Progress, does not happen on it's own, or by someone else other than you.

What is the difference between the above and:

After hurricance - God's will, continue as before, until the next one... after shooting, more guns, rinse and repeat, after Islamic incident, bomb them more until you exterminate them, if they destroy twin towers, be more mad... after corporate news - rejoice about your 10 day holiday year and the fact you will now have to pay for breathing air. What else is new?

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common sense is anything but common

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