Those of you witrh a G1X.. Still happy with it?

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Rod McD wrote:

Hi again Photowiz......

I own a DSLR and the G1X, and the XE1 looks like it might be the perfect solution to deliver DSLR quality in small size for travel and hiking. They've only just arrived with the zoom kit here in Australia, so I'm now facing the buy or wait decision. I'd be really interested to hear how you find the XE1 and whether the IQ is noticeably better than the jpegs you were getting from your G1X.

Any comments appreciated.

Cheers, Rod

Hi Rod,

The camera manufacturers have figured out that I'm a real sucker for any new camera.  When I got the G1X, the thing that surprised me was that the photo quality was better than my Canon T2i DSLR.  I had a Fuji X100 and liked it.  But I found it hard to be limited to a single focal lens.  So I sold it.  I recently got a Fuji XE-1 and after fiddling with it for a while, I finally figured out what settings to use to get the pictures to my liking (+2 sharpness and -2 NR).

The XE-1 has slightly better images than the G1X, but you really have to pixel peep to notice it. I like the interface of both cameras.  But I prefer the zoom ring on the XE-1 zoom to the zoom switch on the G1X.  The weight is not that much of a difference.  The G1X weighs in at 20 oz, whereas the XE-1 with the zoom lens weighs 24 oz.  The G1X has a smaller form factor.  But both need a camera case to carry them around, so that may not make much difference.

As you know, the XE-1 will accept other lenses. So I'm keeping and looking forward to the day Fuji comes out with its 55-200mm lens.   G1X will never have that capability.

On the Fuji forum, no doubt everyone would say get the XE-1, as there is no comparison between the two cameras.  But from an image quality point of view, I find that they really are not that far apart. So I would say, if you are a cameraholic like me, or want to use a variety of lenses get the XE-1.  If you are looking to improve image quality dramatically, save your money and keep enjoying the excellent G1X.

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