My experience with the D800 and fast primes

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Jason Stoller
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Re: Avoid the D800 if you want consistent results

Photo Pete wrote:

My D800 AF in low light is poor compared to my D3S

AFS will seem to lock on but will vary in accuracy. AFC will continuously search for focus with micro adjustments (focus motor will chatter away). This indicates that the D800 requires much better focus targets than the D3S in low light. Focusing on a person's eye from 3m away at 70mm focal length is consistent and accurate with the D3S, but is a game of chance with the D800.

I'm talking about light levels that give exposures in the range of 1/100s at f2.8 at iso 6400.

Personally I think Nikon's marketing of the D800 low light focussing abilities is bordering on deception when it clearly isn't an improvement on the previous generation of AF system.

I am and always have been a Nikon shooter, but I am now advising people to avoid the D800 if they value repeatable results. After all, the sensor quality and resolution is irrelevant if the shots are not in focus.

If you have time to check focus and reshoot or use liveview then the D800 is great, otherwise a second hand D3s will perform better all round.

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Have Fun
Photo Pete

Pete I agree with you completely.  If the AF system doesn't work properly or as accurately as it should, the sensor quality and resolution does not matter.

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