Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

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Re: Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

Still no luck getting all nozzles to print.  The gear grinding was the tubes being pulled over too far preventing the print heads from getting all the way over to the left.  Solved that by holding the tubes in place.

Ink Republic is sending me new dampers, thinking they are bad so that means I'll have to start at about the beginning again...... I had been doing a "nozzle check" which prints vey little, but I just did a "auto nozzle check and head cleaning" which prints a much more complete square for each ink tank and shows a far better condition of the nozzles.  Here it is and it's upside down.  At the start yellow, magenta and cyan were perfect but the head cleanings made them worse and the red was actually perfect during the 3rd nozzle check.  But you see the blue tank has the most issues.

Earlier today I re-pull the ink up in the red and blue tanks becase I could see air gaps in the red and the blue was always printing incompletely.  But you see all ink tanks are having problems (well Y, M, C really werent') but even both blacks are not right.

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