Good flash for a57?

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Re: Good flash for a57?

Pinksummer27 wrote:

I'd like to get another flash option for the a57 as I find it quite harsh. I really don't know much about external flash or how to really use it so any advice is definitely welcome! I was also reading that sony cameras need a hotshoe adapter for flashes that aren't sony brand? Is that correct? Thanks.

I found the onboard flash on the A57 to be pretty bright for an onboard model, and most of the time have to turn it down to -1.5 or more.

I recently added the Sony A43 model, and am very pleased. It has good output and recharge speed. I especially like how easy it is to control it wirelessly from the onboard flash on the A57. BTW, when used wirelessly, it is controlled by the onboard flash, is my understanding that the synchronization is such that the light from the onboard flash is there just for communicating with the wireless flash, and does not enter into the photo exposure. What I've seen so far seems to agree with this.

It's a bit pricey, but I found it listed for a $50 discount shortly before Christmas both at Amazon and B&H. For someone wanting a general purpose flash, it's a pretty good deal.

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