Is there any evidence to the claim that 305XXXX versions of the D600 are improved or fixed?

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Re: Bleep this 'Fanboy' nonsense!

we all see these threads in any forum.  some people have a problem. others don't.  the ones that don't say to just get on with your life and take some pics.  the ones who do protest 'but my pics are ruined!!'. the ones who don't say then get another camera.  it goes on and on.  fanboi accusations show up.  denials fly.  ok. ok.

the d600 problem is obviously real to some people.  i hope nikon issues a fix.  if they don't, yes i can continue cleaning the sensor.  it only takes a couple of minutes a couple of times a month. i can afford it.  would i suggest that someone else get this camera? not now. the d800 seems to not be affected.  it's a super-alternative for those with a bit more disposable income.

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