The best camera for macro?

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Re: The best camera for macro?

brightcolours wrote:

Peter too wrote:

What I am interested in is whether a full frame camera would produce a higher IQ than a crop. For example using the 65mm 1-5X would a photograph of a 5mm insect at 3X magnification on a 7D be better or worse than 5X magnification of the same insect on a 5D lll or 6D?

3X on a 7D, and 5X on 6D? Why the difference?

At the same distance, the insect will be BIGGER in the image with a 7D than with a 6D/5D. Exactly 1.6x bigger. More magnification in print with the 7D/60D/650D than with the 5D/6D at the same shooting distance.

because as you say 3* 1.6= 4.8x about equals 5x (although the 6D does have 20MP vs 18MP)

in the end, everything sort of balances out for macro, although it can be more convenient to not need to add tubes and this cripple AF more to get the same mag you can out of a high density aps-c sensor

with an MPE unless you want to go realllly deep into mag, you usually have enough that the body doesn't matter too much

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