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Re: Long shutter question -p510

Tecmo04 wrote:

Morning everyone!

I recently purchased a p510 and am starting to experiment and learn. One type of photo that keeps drawing my attention is the slow shutter water pictures. So I've been sitting in my apartment playing with the shutter speed with the camera sitting on table. Switching between 1-8 seconds my goal was to get the tv "blurry/silky" While keeping everything else crystal clear.

My question is - every photo over 1 second is over exposed and washed out with brightness. The exposure correction is not available in manual mode (which is the only way to go longer than 1second) and I'm not sure how to correct this. Ian's ideas what I can change to darken the picture?

thanks in advance!

Try this to see how it works for you.

Go into M mode and close down the aperture, (highest number) and then adjust shutter speed. Start at 1 sec. then try 2, 3 etc.

I am THINKING that by closing the aperture, it will reduce the incoming light and give you the depth of field you are wanting also, (clarity). While maintaining the slower shutter speeds you want.

Ignore the exposure warnings.

Give that a try. It may, or may not work. Let me know how it works.

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