IQ, old F20/30 vs. XF1 (I a should have asked it this way before)

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Re: The virtues with Auto DR ...

CAcreeks wrote:

*is care free and efforts saving We are taking about low cost snap shot cameras.

danny_only wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

danny_only wrote:

M-size is no longer needed in newer Fuji cameras... I was referring to X-10 and X-F1, the sensor is well balanced in DR, Resolution and Noise department, making it a good alternate solution to the EXR sensor for Fujifilm.

Still the best general setting for every EXR camera in my opinion.

I agree with KimL here, not Danny_only.

The tests of the X10 show terrible highlight blow-out at L size. Much worse than competitive cameras such as the G12 or P7100. Take a look at the Dynamic Range series on their Samples page. The 100% is just awful, 200% is a bit better, and 400% is great. In this scene AutoDR has selected something in between 100 and 200% (wow). Bad decision!

Kindly read my replies to Kim before you reply to me. Kim and I were talking about different new Fuji cameras.

BTW, I only posted several (may be 1 or 2 pictures of a house with red door, taken on the peak within the first 3 months I bought the F200, if I remember right) F200 pictures taken at L-size and mentioned I didn't like it and then I posted hundreds of F200 pictures taken at M-size in the past 3+ years. Does it tell you my stand? So kindly read all my posts, perhaps all my posts regarding setting of F200.

These samples are L size and do not take advantage of hardware EXR, so the 400% is at ISO 400 unnecessarily. Fortunately the X10 is still very good at ISO 400. I don't know if AutoDR would work better in M size. Probably not.

Bottom line: just because Hugo says he shoots the F200EXR at DR 200% in dark inner-city conditions, it does not mean everybody should shoot all EXR cameras like that.

Bottom line: Hugo's final decision of using DR200% in the later stage of his usage of F200 has nothing to do with my usage of Auto DR on my F200 (my son's F300 and my ex-F200 now permanent on loan to my sister-in-law), I am still using it. My (only) test of manual forcing the DR to 400 was scene of a ferry under sunny day, the high contrast between white and dark color areas of the body made me want to use it as a test. The camera selected DR200 (or DR100) I can't remember clearly, I thought no way so I take another picture using DR400. When I looked at both pictures at home, I found the F200 made a good decision, not me. Since than I use Auto DR and no more testing.

BTW, city nightscapes are not dark conditions as you can see in most of my pictures, actually most of the times high contrast light and most of the times the F200 selected DR400, so I tell myself why should I bother with the DR setting?

Both Image-Resources and Hugo's finding are guidelines only, we should explore by ourselves.

All in all, I want to do care free shooting and save PP time (I recently use DXO Velvia simulation to save my already short 1+ minutes PP time to 1- minutes PP time). I guess, why not let other EXR owners decide for themselves, I think many will follow your suggestion and some may simply use Auto DR for ecare free shooting like I do.

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