P7700 focus speed vs other rivals

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Re: P7700 focus speed vs other rivals

That is exactly why I am hoping my G12 continues to work for me until the G16 or P7800 are introduced. I am hoping they both come with larger/better sensors (2/3-1/1.2” at least) and higher ISO performance! Lager sensor will give less noise and better IQ as we all know. If the P7800 gets the larger/better sensor and faster/better AF and write times with the same lens, I will get it. If the G16 gets a larger/better sensor with sharper/better IQ and longer lens, and variable angle lens, I will get it. They are both very good cameras, but both have too many compromises for me to upgrade my beloved G12 at this time. Personally I think Canon and Nikon are cutting corners to either save manufacturing costs for higher profits or protect their DSLR/lens profits. Hopefully some company will introduce a camera with a 2/3-1/1.2” sensor with a fast lens/AF/write time to be worth upgrading my G12 to soon before it is too late. As of now, I am not impress with the 2012 fixed lens cameras due to all the compromises they all come with, especially with their high ISO IQ at 800 and above!

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