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Re: 12-35mm or Prime Lens

On an Olympus camera what difference does Mega OIS or Power OIS make?  Either way, the only zoom being considered is the 12-35mm lens.

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I'm also considering the Pana 12-35 (for use with an Olympus E-PL5) and am curious how people are finding the OIS system in that lens.

I have only recently bought a MFT system with the Pana 20/1.7 - very pleased with the lens but somewhat disappointed by the Olympus IBIS system. The Olympus IBIS doesn't seem as effective as the VR systems used on DSLR lenses and I'm hoping that the 12-35 will be more like that...

OIS on 12-35 is pretty good - I'd say the best out of all Pana lenses I've used (which means most of zooms but the newest ones)

There's Panny's Mega OIS and their Power OIS. The latter is newer and better. Several of their newer lenses have it, including their power zooms (14-42pz and 45-175pz) and the 12-35mm, which is not a power zoom.

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