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Re: In the market for a new camera

CT BigMac wrote:

I am looking to buy a new camera primarily to photograph and record my sons at their various sports activities. I have looked at both the Canon and Nikon lines. Looking for some direction. Thanks

You don't mention which sports he is involved in. You don't mention what going to happen to the images you take.  So with the information I have,  I am going to recommend a combination of camera and lenses that should cover  most of your needs.

  1. A Mid range priced camera, the Nikon D7000, or the Canon eos 7D . but if you want a real sports/ action camera; Get  a used D3 /s  or eos 1D. 
  2. A 70-200 zoom lens, Preferrably 2.8, but f4 will do. 
  3. A  fixed telephoto like a 300mm f4 to cover the outdoor field sports. 

I use Nikon. I don't have any experience with Canon to tell you one is better than the other.

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