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skyglider wrote:

skyglider wrote:

Also, Microsoft is making Win8's Media Center free for Windows 8 Pro owners until January 31, 2013. I applied for the Media Center product code but MS has not emailed it to me yet. If there's any problems, I'll let you know. .... This offer does not apply to Windows 8 Basic. The Basic version can be upgraded to the Pro version for about $65 or so.

I applied for the product key for a free copy of Win8 Pro's Media Center but did not receive a product key via email within the stated 72 hours. So I applied a second time. I have still not received a product key 4 days after the second request.

Has anyone here applied for and received a product key for a free copy of Media Center for Windows 8 Pro?



Got it maybe 3 days later.

Works just fine.

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