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Jeandphoto wrote:

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Here is a link to video professionals discussing the A99, professionals who have experience and budgets to buy any camera and have interests in what big-sensor cameras can do video:


There are also videos from the A99, and some video comparisons. Their conclusion is the same: mushy A99 video and moire just kills it. Offsets some very nice video attributes.

Mark, I can't decide which one looks poorer for video; the VG900 or the a99. At least the a99 is a rock-star stills camera - the VG900 isn't stabilized, nor able to autofocus unless in crop mode, and still has the same awful muddy moire low detail video. Did you see this link I posted in the other thread?


- deleted -

There you are

I asked you to provide us with what would be the best settings for shooting video with the A99.

Maybe not good, maybe soft but would be the best settingd in order to get the best out of this camera ?

You have not replied to me in other post ....

Just wish I knew what would be best !

Yes I have been busy with work and have not had time to do testing for you. Give me some time and I'll let you know, but I'm telling you it will still be mushy.

Shield ???

Are you answering for Shield ????

Settings in camera + output settings...But why do you answer for Shield ??? Are you in the same bedroom or what ????

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