Compare Pen 18-270mm with Sig 18-250mm.

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Re: Compare Pen 18-270mm with Sig 18-250mm.

KentG wrote:

I've never had a Sigma lens that did not work with SR.

My older Sigma 18-250 worked in one sense, that one had to set in the longest F/L manually in order to obtain a hand-holdable speed with Av, and SR reacted to that, but there was no adjustment to slower speeds as one zoomed inwards. The Pentax 18-250 adjusts instantaneously to F/L. (So does my Sigma 10-20.) Does anyone know for certain that the new Sigma adjusts to F/L in the same way?

One can test this by zooming an 18-250 or similar with Av and SR set and the lens pointed at an evenly lighted surface such that the brightness does not vary with field of view. The hand-holdable speed chosen by the cam at the short end is a lot slower than at the long, and this is not just an effect of the variation in F/stop with zooming.

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