i`ve just come back to 4/3.......

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Re: i`ve just come back to 4/3.......

Nice to see people rediscovering 4/3rds. I own an E-330 and an E-30, both of which have given me stellar performance over the years. This year, though, with seemingly no investment in 4/3rds from Olympus for some time, I decided to hedge my bets and began building a Canon system with the acquisition of a 7D along with a number of lenses.

Having now lugged that much heavier camera with its much heavier, and bulkier, lenses along my usual hiking trails only to come home with essentially the same image quality, I am more hopeful than ever that Olympus injects new life into its 4/3rds range of dSLRs. Frankly, outside of an exceptional autofocus system, there is little to recommend the 7D over the E-30 and much to recommend the Olympus.

My guess is that more and more of us who began looking elsewhere when Olympus refocused from 4/3rds to m4/3rds will return should Olympus provide the incentive.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

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