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Re: Which would YOU buy and why?

This forum as well as any other has some pretty biased persons that are not objective at all. The OMD has weak points and strong points just like any other camera out there. If you shoot a lot of action work (birds inflight and fast sports) than the 7D is clearly the better choice.

All other things are either as good and sometimes better on the OMD (for instance: OMD sensor has slighlty better IQ than the 7D).

The size difference remark of some.. The simplistic comparison between the EosM and OMD does not hold up. mFT lenses are a lot smaller and that difference becomes bigger and not smaller with large lenses (zooms). Don't be fooled here. On the EOSM. which has an APS-c sensor there indeed is no advantage.

As a showcase, look here. Both lenses have similar focal lengths. If you scroll over them you see the weight difference. That is a huge difference. On the right side we see a similar comparison. The difference to my mind is huge! Also in weight. Whether it is too big or too small is up to you.

COmparison of the OMD and 7D with lenses

If you want good information, just read the review of the OMD over here and there are a lot of them elsewhere. Then, like you already did: go to the shop and compare them. How do they fit in your hand? I think 7D ergonomics are better than OMD ergonomics for instance. Also: you have the 10D. Was it too hevay, was it okey? Etc.

Have fun with whatever cam you chose!

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