CC please, where am I

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CC please, where am I

Need to know where i stand and what I need to work on. I have tried to include a little bit of everything in there Artsy, things that caught my eye and a couple of photojournalistic pics. Lemme know which ones you like and which you dont and why if possible thank you for your time 

Show of flight

Starting up natures ladder

natures ballet

Sun+flower= Sunflower


The most fascinating of creations

urban art

My wand broke!

believe it or not this is milk in the process

Bambi n friens

Green christmas

Cold for all

The cow and the crane.

odd clouds

dont know why I have a fascination with fire hydrants

keeps me out and you in... A chain!

normal but adds to the collection

Washington fall

Winter in the vineyard

Fog readys the drums of war

Aloe Vera bloom. never seen this before


so retro

blasted burt!

The ford legacy lives

wasteful fun

Fire in my town

War against the flame

All lend aid

Close encounters with natures wrath

Stand above the destruction

The birds take flight

Fire paints the sky

day 28

Still life

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