Rising From The Leaves, Winter Solstice [images + shooting notes]

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Re: Rising From The Leaves, Winter Solstice [images + shooting notes]

Peng Bian wrote:

I think it's a nice photo, but there is just something distinctly "fake" about this photo, almost like the woman was photoshoped into the photo. I know there were remote flashes at work but it just doesn't blend. I dunno, maybe I'm the only one.

She's not Photoshopped in. But I was going for an "un-real" look. With accent/rimlighting on both sides of the subject, you are going to see a lot of separation and non-blending, lending an an artificial look. Studio lighting techniques brought outside.
What I did do in post:

  • Sky is enhanced to bring out the purple (and I did a clunky, fast job of it; if this was for publication, I'd re-do that)
  • Boosted saturation and contrast in the leaves (they were old and brown).
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