Best compact camera with $299 ready to spend - S100 or LX7 or ???

Started Dec 26, 2012 | Questions thread
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A beginner's perspective...

I had two GFs that wanted to see the tree a few years ago.      I used the S90 and was very happy with the pics --- most taken wide.    This beginner is sorry he sold it.

I've tried the LX7 (remember I'm a beginner) with that fast lens.    I was looking for a F/1.4 or F/2.0 indoor cam without flash.    Great build quality, so-so pics for a beginner.    Did better in low light at F2.8 with flash.     Still playing with it.

The S90 is gone but the G15 (for me, the beginner, at least), even indoors, takes better shots in (i)Auto or P with Macro.     Despite dpreview's reviews.

Try them both or the S100 if you like (I had the S90 which worked perfectly).   I presume the Panasonic has better video.

This newbie says try a few and return losers in perfect condition.     I'm sure practice will yield good results with the LX7.     But the G15 just seems to work instantly and I love the dials and seemingly strong flash (although I'm not really a fan of flash, both seem to need one indoors --- I expect the G15 to be great outdoors).

Good luck !!!

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