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Re: Sure, your turn

Archer66 wrote:

I do not work for Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Symantec, Sun, Oracle, Google, SAP or any other big software company.

Nor do own any shares.

So, what small software company do you work for that writes software for Microsoft Operating Systems?

I told you who I work for.  Your turn.

I've got a very good "nose", and everything you've posted to date arouses my suspicions that you're just a bit too positive (and defensive) about Microsoft products to be an ordinary user.

IOW, I suspect that there's a financial motive in there somewhere.

If I'm wrong, just answer the questions versus evading them, and I'll be happy to apologize.

So far, you ignored my posts in the thread I linked to, and now, you're replies are still suspicious ("any other big software company"). Of course "big" is probably the key word in that answer.

I've been looking at forum posts for long enough that I can "smell" when someone is promoting a given product for personal gain, and you're just a bit too knowledgeable about Microsoft Products not to be associated with someone writing software for them; as I've noticed in your posts defending Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and more.

I don't know how others feel about it. But, I really don't like it when someone posts under a member name that hides their identity and uses their posts to promote and defend products, without identifying if they have a financial interest in the companies they're promoting.

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