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OK, Just got hold of a couple of trials. First up is Corel Paintshop Pro X5. Have to say, I'm not impressed. It handles, well, like a £50 piece of software. It is painfully slow to respond, the Camera Raw software is a bit rubbish, there's no exposure adjustment and none of the interesting things I've got used to playing with in Photoshop. And it went into a hissy fit when I pressed the wrong button. No easy flick between thumbnail and full screen as on Adobe Bridge. Even moving on to the real photo editor, it was very very slow. And this is a computer on which Photoshop is slick. It just felt like too much hassle.

On to Serif Photoplus, but given its the free version, I'm not holding out much hope.

Serif was rubbish.  Didn't even have a bridge type programme in the free version - I mean, if you won't give a trial on something I won't be prepared to trust it.

Also had a look at AfterShot.  Much more promising a programme, but I couldn't work it out.  Maybe I was just trying to do things that it couldn't do.  As a Raw editor, it was great.  Everything I had come to expect.  However, as a photo editor it left me a bit underwhelmed, the kind of feeling that I seem to remember when I tried Lightroom.  Its not photoshop and its not trying to be.  And that's the problem.  For everything you would usually want from a developing suite, its great.  But I don't want that.  I want full blown image manipulation.  I like colour popping my shots.  I like doing weird things with them.  And I can't see how to do them in lightroom/aftershot where it comes as second nature to me in photoshop.  I like being able to mask my changes, and only apply them to specific bits of the photo, and I can't see how to do that in Aftershot.

The big thing is why I would pay £80 for something that will do everything I want for 70% of the shots I take but won't do anything for that other 70%?  However, for that 70%, I would probably be able to shoot in Jpg and take the shots down to Boots for printing.  Unless I have dramatically missed something, I don't think its what I'm after.  Leaving me back with Photoshop and the Adobe education discount.  It would appear that kids do have their uses after all.

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