Sony is right with NEX.. Video is best with mirrorless & FX sensor able... Is this a next Nikon?

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Re: FF-Mirrorless is a big issue...

BobYIL wrote:

if the intention from switching to mirrorless design is compactness: It requires redesigning of almost all lenses from 50mm downwards for the new register distances, employment of offset microlenses in connection with optical-correction software solutions... All these mean complications, cost and lots of time (contrary to what many may believe, Nikon or Canon introduced nearly as much different bodies in the last three years as the number of new lenses they introduced.)

Hi Bob, personally I like things the traditional way, with a true VF (TTL - no evf) and DOF preview button, but again I only use FF... it seems that there are a lot of people using APS-c just for fun reasons (which is alright of course) that don't mind the design concept of the camera but prefer less bulk (of both cameras and lenses) for their use... OTOH there is a technical advantage when the distance from light sensitive area to lens mount is shallower, that being, that the FL of WAs falls inside the lens, than outside of it as it happens when mirror is present..., but again, all makers of mirrorless do offer adapters with full compatibility with the current lenses for the same maker, which (the adapters) bring the lens to the correct mount to sensor distance..., so compatibility is not a problem, it seems that its video (where the traditional VF is obsolete) and compactness that attracts the major market....

Bear in mind that in spite of inherent "correction" software in Leica M-bodies a number of non-Leica M lenses shorter than 28mm (V/C or Zeiss) still cause some complications. Further, the AF micromotors/USM & circuitry placed around the lens groups keep the engineers from designing compact lenses like their manual focus rangefinder brethren. (Even the APS-C format Fujifilm lenses are relatively large in size.) Take a look at the outer diameter of the new Sonnar 35/2 (RX1) and the same of the front element, for instance.

Allright, but it seems that video makers prefer to use the DSLR FF lenses via an adapter, I don't believe that the dedicated lenses of NEX (etc...) sell very well... it's only the less demanding market that buy dedicated lenses, the advanced users buy these cameras mostly for video and use their existing DSLR lenses with them (no matter their system) ...Nikkors AI & AI-s are very popular with them too.

IMHO, if there would be some mirrorless FF bodies to be introduced in the coming months/years then we may expect some very unconventional, much sophisticated lens designs for less than 50mm focal lengths -some might have huge rear elements to cover almost all sensor area- and each lens may come with its specific correction software. These all mean cost.. more than what the retrofocus ones dictate in our day.

I also doubt Sony will make any FF compatible lenses for their NEX system (although they recently introduced VG900 FF NEX) and I doubt Nikon will do either with their future mirrorless... yet, I believe that they (in Nikon) will provide a FF sensor and an adapter (as Sony did) to make their current FF lenses fully compatible...

Nice to hear from you Bob... PM me about your near future traveling plans (you know what I mean...)


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