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Re: The Home Depot --- DXO ViewPoint

I tried it with my copy of Viewpoint but just couldn't get a good handle on the distortions.

I then went to my copy of DxO 8 and used the distortion controls provided with that program and was more successful.

That may be from the difference in familiarity with both apps?

Yes. I was missing the lever called "scale" in the "Keystoning/Horizon" panel.

Your camera seems to be well matched to your eye and the 7-14 zoom.

With a raw file the conversion would be much smoother as DxO has the Olympus OM-D and 7-14 zoom lens in their data base.

I still hold a grudge of sorts against DXO, for copy protection frustrations I had through v2-4. Though I've been toying with giving DXO another try, just not sure I want to alter the comfortable workflow I have now, not sure it's worth it. But I suppose eventually I'll give it another look-see again - you've piqued my curiosity [g].

I've been finding that since I shoot 100% raw files that if the camera/lens combination is available in the DxO database my workflow is quicker and more importantly produces a high quality product.

With DxO I use the "Optical Corrections" set to auto. The Distortion,Noise,Vignetting,Chromatic abberation and DxO Lens Softness adjustments are optimal regardless of ISO settings. The adjustments are so smooth and quick that occasionally I'll turn them off to see if DxO is actually doing anything of value at all.

The only other panels that I'll visit regularly and adjust (or not) are the Exposure Compensation, DxO Smart Lighting and Color Rendering panels. Other panels are equally competent and are successfully used with no hesitation when needed.

The Olympus OM-D with its 12-50mm zoom and the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 prime so far seem to be perfect matches with DxO ver 8x. I'll be looking forward to the arrival of my recently ordered Olympus 45mm f1.8 to see if it also benefits from using DxO ver 8x.

I've found that with raw developement the adobe products have become fiddly (?) in nature. They seem to encourage making an adjustment and going on to the next adjustments then returning back to the original adjustment etc. etc til you reach your goal. I do own and am reasonably competent in the use of Camera Raw and Lighttroom and I find I'm using then less and less.

However Photoshop is still easily used in the workflow, and as the premier pixel editor it is hard to igonore if you want optimum results.

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Tom et al

Do you find it beneficial to have Viewpoint as well as DxO Optics Pro 8?

I have DxO OP8 and considering adding V/P but not sure if there are any benefits there other than a larger viewing panel?

Are there more features & functions . . . or improved functionality . . . in V/P than contained in OP8 . . . or is it merely a glorified OP8?




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