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RobS555 wrote:

I work in theatre. l think these images have a lot going for them, actually. David is correct: headshots are almost always in color. They're also 8-10 in size, too. These 3 shots are oriented to film work-- theatre is generally just a headshot, no body. I'd crop the first image so the edge is the top of his hair- no headroom. You could crop the top of his head, technically, though I don't think that will suit this particular image. And I'd crop in on the others as well; the environment distracts from what he is communicating. The first and third images are the most evocative: I see soulful and a little shy, sensitive.

Thanks very good stuff. Nice to hear from from someone in theater. I will try some closer compositions on the next attempt with less distracting from the subject.

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