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I wouldn't trust anything you say

Archer66 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

I agree, I was curious about ASP and downloaded a trial version. Wasn't impressed with it crashing after only 10 min of light use. Uninstalled it after that.

Was that on Windows?

It seems very solid on Linux. Haven't tried Mac yet.

Now, the latest version (just released a few days ago) does do things like make use of GPU acceleration via OpenCL. So, that could potentially cause issues.

I tried it few weeks ago so that was not the problem.

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention, and just now realized that CAcreeks was responding to you.

Given your posting history, I wouldn't trust anything you say, as your posts are just too positive and defensive about products for Windows, and a bit too critical about products that run on other Operating Systems to be from an unbiased poster.

I also noticed that you didn't bother responding when I pointed that out earlier in this post:

So, why don't you just clear that up for us.

Do you work for Microsoft or one of their partners like Adobe, or another firm that has a vested interest in making sure only products for Microsoft Operating Systems succeed?

Your posts are just too biased to be an ordinary user without some personal interest. IOW, your posts remind me of posts from "shills" trying to promote products in order to help them be more profitable.

If I'm wrong, just deny it. But, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't do that before; and I've seen more than one "shill" making posts in the forums here before (for example, Microsoft employees posting that don't bother to identify themselves as working for the company producing the products that they're defending and promoting, which I consider to be Spam).

So, if you'd just identify who you work for, perhaps I'd apologize and read your posts with a different attitude.  But, based on your posting history so far, I would not trust anything you say (especially since you did not comment about my suspicions in the early thread where I raised concerns about your motives).

Spammers and shills are all too common in forums anymore, where posters have financial motives for what they post (promoting products and services in order to help the companies they work for).

So, if that's not the case with you, please enlighten us.


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