A Question about how effective the 2nd amendment is

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Re: A Question about how effective the 2nd amendment is

LeRentier wrote:

Let me try to get this right.
When the 2nd amendment was written, there still was a real possibility that England might mount a large invasion force to take back what they considered as theirs.
The absence of decent telecoms and spy satellites made it a bit difficult to really sleep in peace, at least for some time, therefore, at the time, the amendment probably made a lot of sense.
Meanwhile, the world changed slightly and I fail to see any evidence, anywhere, how this famous 2nd amendment was proven useful at any time.
When was it demonstrated that it avoided some catastrophe, when was it tested ?
Does the 2nd amendment protect you against the 1% and their servants, the banks ?
How does your old trusted assault rifle protect you against any foreclosures and the export of your jobs to cheaper countries ?
Does anyone care to cut short on the slogans and list some concrete test criteria ?

Earlier this week, a 17 year old girl was being attacked by her 19 year old boyfriend.  This attacked occurred in the front yard of her 79 year old Grandfather.  The girl was being beaten, choked and tried running for her life.

Upon hearing all of the commotion, the Grandfather grabbed his hand gun, went to the front door of his own home, and saw this 19 year old boy attacking his Granddaughter.  So, he yelled out to stop, and the boy turned his attention on the 79 year old Grandfather.

As he approached the front door, he (the 19 year old) reached into his pocket and grabbed a black item, which turned out to be a tazer gun.  Unfortunately for the 19 year old boy, before he could reach the porch, the Grandfather fired off one round from his hand gun, striking the young man directly in the chest.  The boy ran a few hundred yards away, and then dropped.  Upon arrival of the paramedics, the young boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 79 year old Grandfather saved his Granddaughters life, and faces no criminal charges for his actions.  Had it not been for that handgun, the Grandfather would have been tazed, perhaps killed, or beaten, and the Granddaughter may have been beaten to death herself.

I say, that handgun worked as the law states it could.


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