Any experience with the new 35 IS?

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Re: Any experience with the new 35 IS?

MayaTlab0 wrote:

Sovern wrote:

How do you know that it's sharp wide open?

There you go :

It's as sharp as the 35L at f2, which means it's sharper wide open, where autofocus works.

I've heard in this same thread that it's soft wide open

I've read it too. But I tend to give more weight to a test that measured several units in a controlled environment.

which is more than liekly due to it having IS.

that's an interesting hypotheses. Can you prove it ?

Also, I never heard of more MP's showing camera shake and requiring IS

It's usually advised to stay at 1/focal length to optimise resolution results on most cameras (more or less depending on people's shakiness factor - it's just a guideline). But since the D800 has the same pixel density as the D7000, it requires one to use the APSC rule, ie 1/equivalent focal length. And it's only going to get "worse" as megapixels increase. Of course one can still stay at 1/focal length, but you're unlikely to fully use the D800's resolution this way.

and who the heck would want 50 Mega Pixels????

Whether you like it or not, whether people actually need it or not, I'm ready to bet megapixel inflation is far from over. Perhaps diffraction may limit it one day, but it hasn't been the case on APS-C sensors, so I'm rather confident we'll quickly see a 50mp+ FF camera.

That's insane lol, I'd happy at 12MP I don;t see the point in 50MP unless you're printing 200X180 and even then you'd have to sit back so far to see the photo that you could get away with even 20MP or less.

It seems insane today. I bet it won't in a few years.

Do you think that $600 is worth it for IS alone over the regular 35F2? I don;t think so.....I'd rather get the 35L which will be sharper.

I heard the 1/focal length rule but it's really nonsense. If you have good hand holding technique you can easily shoot with a shutter of about half of the focal length (I can) hand hold.

The people that are craving the Mega Pixels can have fun I'm staying at 22MP or below and I never heard of IS doing anything beyond what a high shutter speed does for image shake. I'd love to see a link where it shows that more MP's require a higher shutter speed for the photo to not suffer from camera shake as this is the first time that I'm hearing such a thing and to me it sounds like non sense.

It comes down to the photographers hand hold technique, some people can shoot 85mm at 1/15 of a second hand held and get tack sharp photos it's the same way with shooting guns professional marksmen can hit targets the size of a penny with a hand gun standing up because they have excellent hand holding technique which includes the way you breath, stabilize, and fire off the trigger.

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