Basic setup for photographing glass?

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Re: Basic setup for photographing glass?

I think the speedlight is out, at least as a go-to for the majority of my shots. I like to work spontaneously & quickly and avoid repetition to whatever extent is possible (same way I blow glass...). Without modeling lights, I think there's going to be too much trial and error, aiming and placing subjects for direct lighting. The only place I could see maybe employing a speedlight would be for a standard backlit setup - a more practical alternative to my current jackass method of going outside and holding the piece up against the sun.

I haven't ruled out strobes entirely, as it really would be nice to be able to stop down more and back off the ISO. (I see Wescott offers a couple of reasonably powerful monolights that accept a snoot and aren't too terribly expensive.)

I guess I'll just scratch my head a little longer, then take a plunge and try something. 

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