Hello, where are all the new V2 users?

Started Dec 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
bernieraffe Contributing Member • Posts: 554
Waiting for a price drop too!

Like many people here, I was a fairly early adopter, although I still managed to get the V1 + 2 lens kit for about £725 (in UK), when at the time, it was mainly retailing for around £850.

I'm, a pro photographer, I love the camera and generally speaking, I'm quite pleased about the huge drop in price of the V1, as it enables purchases from people who would not otherwise have considered it. I'd like to now buy the V2, however, the V1 price drop does mean that my usual course of action (i.e selling a previous model to upgrade), is no longer economically viable.

So, like others, I'll wait for a price drop, or even wait it out for a V3.

Definitely going for the new 6.7mm - 13mm lens though!

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