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Alphoid wrote:

Interesting. I'd read very poor reviews of the Sigma 20/24 f/1.8s. gave the 20mm 1.5 stars, and the 24mm 1.75 stars on optical quality... Reviews generally portray especially the 20mm model as unacceptable. The 24mm may be an option if the IQ is reasonable on APS; I'll read up more about it.

I'm getting the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 due to the spectacular reviews on both DPReview and on Lensrentals. The Sony 35mm f/1.8 is really not an option -- the Sony SAM doesn't permit me to use the AF/MF button, which is fundamental to how I shoot. I often prefocus, focus-zoom-adjust, or otherwise need to decouple focusing from shooting. I can only do that with screw drive or SSM. Otherwise, it would be a very good lens for my purposes.

I've used the 24/1.8 and though it was a nice lens, didn't quite understand the bad rap that it's gotten. Maybe too much sample variation? In this FL/Speed class the CZ 24/2.0 is the only real option if you want a lens significantly better. I think the biggest complaint with this lens is its soft in the corners on FF, but should be fine stopped down a little on APS-C if you need sharpness to the corners. The AF clutch thing is a bit annoying too.

The Minolta 24/2.8 is a good bet too if you can stand the 2.8 aperture.

´╗┐Some shots from the Sigma 24/1.8:´╗┐

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