Considering Pentax, need some advice

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Re: Suggestion.....

gooseta wrote:

K-01 - same iq as k-30, $319

17-70 $500 and 35mm f2.4 or 17-70 and Sigma 50mm macro or 31mm limited or 15mm limited and 17-70.

Don't buy the 18-135, I had it for two weeks and I was so let down. At that price I instead bought myself a 17-70 which is about twenty times better. The 18-135 is just the 18-55 with more range. Pretty useless wide open and longer than 100

I've thought the same thing, that it is a 18-55 extended, but the long end is so much softer it really isn't worth the extra $250. I returned mine. I haven't owned the 17-70 but I have read from a lot of user and website reviews that it has fairly bad CA, especially at the long and short end. This can be corrected mostly in post, but I would much prefer the 28-75 if you can do without the extra WA.

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